As we stop and ponder HOW to go faster in search of the illustrious Chevette World Championship, remember, keep it SIMPLE! There is only about 48 HP at the drive wheels of a Chevette.  This is a driving championship and not a power battle. Other classes of racing require $$ to win, Chevette class does not.

Here is a quick Top-10 checklist of routine speed preparations: 

1.  Expect a 2-second/lap increase in lap times as track wears.  
2.  Late apex corners.   This sets up well for passing on the next straight.  
3.  Mechanical carbs from '81 - '82 seem to be best.  Jet sizes vary from year to year.  Try Pri. fuel ~159;  Pri. air ~185.   Try Sec. fuel ~290;  Sec. air ~125.   
4.  Adjust the rear brakes out.  Minimize mechanical brake lag.    
5.  Run the air intake from the vehicle interior.  Remove air filter.    
6.  Test drive the car & shake out bugs.  First you gotta finish, before you finish first.  
7.  Stay between the snow banks.  
8.  Be able to add AND remove ballast* of up to about 250 pounds.     (*no concrete)  
9.  Run tubes in your tires. This eliminates slow leaks from ice in the bead.  
10.  Run tire pressures at between 16 to 24 psi.  Warmer weather doesn't matter.  
bonus  don't forget....we race for FUN.  Wave at the workers and fans on cool-down laps.