The "High Steaks" Weekend

  Round 2 & 3,     Feb. 1 & 2, 2003  Telford Lake, Leduc.   

drop by one of our local Restaurant sponsors...


NORMAND'S RESTAURANT, Jasper Ave. (tel. 482-2600)

The NEW EAST SIDE MARIO'S (Sherwood Park)

BOSTON PIZZA on 106 Street & Jasper Ave.423-2333

KELSEY'S (WEST END), 178 Street, 484-4770


BILLY BUDD'S LOUNGE, 63 Ave. & 99 St. 438-1148

Race Results: Click here>> Round 2 & 3     Speedy News

1st Place:    Car 31 Landon GOUDREAU

2nd Place:    Car 43 Kevin SAKALUK

3rd Place:    Car 81 Trent HAMP

Clean Driving Award:    Car 79 Don POHL

Most Virgin Sheet Metal Re-Arranged:  Car 81 Trent HAMP

Most Duct Tape Used for Weekend:  Car 54 Terry BRESSMER   

Worst Starting Technique:    Car 87 Aaron DOWLER (keep hand-brake "on")

Top Female Driver:   Car 22 Shauna "Fittipaldi" FARAGINI (rubber class)

Most Hits to Other Cars Without Getting Penalized:  Car 43 Kevin SAKALUK

Illegal Cylinder Head Award:  Car 31 Landon GOUDREAU ( 4 heads in rear hatch...)

Most Sincere Question Award:  Car 22 Tim SAX (excuse me while I pull over during the heat of the race, but, what does "that" flag mean...)

Top "B" Driver (filling in for the owner):  Car 24 Blain BOUTIN

Hard Luck Award:  Car 77 Craig Assenheimer (for T-Boning into his boss's car...)

Worker prize:  Jim in "timing"

Worker prize:  Someone in "pushing"