Round 6 and 7 – Lac La Biche March 2007:

Weather Shortens Championship Weekend:


Lac La Biche, Alberta - The Western Canadian Championship weekend started off with a bang as 18 of the world’s finest Chevette drivers challenged for the BIG trophy. For the Chevette owners, Saturday saw 2 races in Chevette class and 2 races in Non-Stud class. However, the Sunday races were cancelled due to white-out conditions, combined with snow. Consequently, the championship was won and lost on Saturday’s race results (for me, lost...). Sunday, the racers did manage some track time, competing in a solo-like manner and comparing lap times from 2-lap stints.


The track was wide, fast and technical. There were many ways to pass and many more ways to screw up a lap. This all added up to much over-taking and exciting finishes throughout the field. One photo finish saw Car 79 pull ahead of Car 24 by about 2.4 feet at the checkered flag. Unsubstantiated rumor has it that driver 24 was lighting up a cigar about to celebrate finally beating Car 79 when the fateful finish with a flurry occurred. When reached for comment, driver 24 quickly donned a pair of dark sunglasses, fake mustache and started speaking in foreign tongue (or was that the booze talking?)


Other highlights and “low-lights” included:


  • A return of more blue paint to the grid.
  • A return of the Crown Royal sponsored RED BULL girls.
  • Car 54 parked so high on the snow bank, they had to use GUIDE DOGS to locate the car.
  • Car 24 stopping by corner 3 for a cup of coffee during the race (driver 24 actually parallel parked his Vette in a space designed for only ½ a car).
  • The world’s first “door-handle cam” video footage from Car 79.
  • Car 7, Blain BOUTIN, padded his championship lead and trashed the hopes of Lolacher, Branco and Bressmer, as he continued his Schumacher-like season, refusing to make a miscue, wining both races.
  • Tweety bird “foiling” the transponder sender-receiver system and creating havoc in the points for Saturday (a foil-backed Tweety bird, stuck to the side window of one Chevette, causing intermittent transponder readings and resulting in partially jumbled electronic finishing orders).
  • Gunther (timing, scoring and organizing) returned to Alberta race central, tackling the Tweety bird malfunction.
  • The Car 29/ Car 77 dual car carrier (Chevette spooning).
  • Local favorite, Car 73, organizing and planning the ALPAC and Charity races, was run off his feet.
  • A certain car put on a technical clinic of “how to pass in spite of yellow flags”. The students were initially aghast at the “thread-the-needle” over-taking style, however, it is the opinion of the author that these students can only learn from their mistakes (misunderstandings). Some were clearly unsure of the meaning of the brown yellow flag.
  • The ALPAC race, with a field of 12 cars, was well-driven by the rookies.
  • The Charity event was redesigned as a solo event, with drivers challenging each other best lap times.


This event is the crown jewel of our race season. Thanks to the event organizers and sponsors for making this the BIG event of the year and providing tow money, finish money (top 10 in each class) as well as fine food and a great venue.


It is heartbreaking that the weather-man spoiled our Sunday race events after so much hard work and planning. The good news is that, based on probability theory, next year will be perfect weather!


Thanks to the Lac La Biche organizers and town folk. Next Up – 2008.