Round 5 – Sunday, Feb. 18th, 2007:

The 3 B’s:  Boutin, Branco & Bressmer atop standings:


Ferintosh, Alberta - The Chevette world championship looks like a battle of the B’s so far with Boutin, Branco and Bressmer challenging for the holy grail of Ice Racing.


A perfect day for racing, Sunday, February 18th was sunny, clear and plus 5 degrees as a record number of Chevettes competed for position. Highlights and “low-lights” included:


  • A revamped track, with the NEW back straight, saw Vettes in the top of 3rd gear.
  • A new kink in the front straight that made 1st gear a reality!
  • The Crown royal Team brought out the RED BULL girls to meet and greet the drivers and fans (Saturday).
  • Car 7, Blain BOUTIN, claimed top honors for the weekend with only 1st or 2nd place finishes.
  • Water cracks developed on Sunday to form 2 huge puddles on opposite ends of the track, causing havoc with control, splashes 30 feet high and a test of ‘Vette wipers.
  • A bit of heat directed on the driver’s for lack of respect to the Tow Truck (remember, like all volunteers, we really need this guy!).
  • Track radio reports sounded something like:  “it’s a Blue car, hitting a Blue car”…(pause)… “and the blue car then ricocheted off the third blue car…”
  • Gunther chose to go to New York (instead of Ferintosh), where the temperatures were reportedly minus 2 (ha!!).


As always, we thank the volunteers for coming out and allowing us to have so much fun. If ANY volunteer would like a copy of some in-car footage, please forward your request to myself or the Chevette representative, as there are about 6 cars running in-car video. (I ran a fender-cam on Sunday!).


Next Up – Saturday March 3rd and Sunday March 4th in Lac La Biche, for the Western Canadian Championship weekend.