Round 1 – Sunday, Jan. 28th, 2007:

Record High 10 Rookies in Chevette Field:


Ferintosh, Alberta - The Chevette class has rebounded in 2007 with 19 cars in the first event, including 10 rookies. The so-called experienced racers had little time to relax as the rookies pushed their way to the front of the pack, starting in the last 10 positions. In fact, rookie Kyle STEVENS, driving the Jeff Gordon look-alike Chevrolet, managed to WIN in only his second lifetime race.


The Dynamotive team had early success in the 2007 season today as Rookie STEVENS got his first win and Car 7 came first overall for the day with a solid 1st and 2nd finish.  Given the unprecedented 50% rookie field, the organizers opted to have an extra practice session rather than 3 races today. With the studded cars progressively carving a wider racing line, the track became more drivable and faster as the day wore on. This translated to more passing under control.  


Speaking of control (or lack of it) Car 55 managed to show-boat his talents on the front straight just before the checkered flag by trying to slide across the finish line on his roof. Seems there was a slight miscalculation as Car 55 ended up about 25 feet shy of crossing the line. No real harm done as Car and driver rebounded to run the next race. (goes a lot faster with the rubber side down, eh Lionel?)


Next Up – Saturday Feb. 10th and Sunday Feb. 11th, same place, same time.


Note to the organizers – don’t use that staggered single file start! We like our standing single file start, but it is grossly unfair to have all the cars on the right with exceptional grip on the racing line and all the cars on the left to have a freshly Zambonied skating rink. The grip varies significantly across the width of the track, so please keep it consistent from car to car. Almost every car on the left lost a handful of positions within the first 15 seconds. For example, but I did see Car 54 start in P-2 and hit corner 1 at about P-8 due to being gridded on the left…