Round 1 and 2 – Sat. & Sun. Feb. 19 and 20, 2005:

The 2005 Season Finally Starts after 6-Week Delay:



After a frustrating wait to launch the 2005, season, the NASCC got it going on Feb 19-20, 2005, but they needed the extra-ordinary efforts of the Lac La Biche organizing crew. Our local lakes in the Edmonton area have had too much water pooling on top making the top ice surface too damaged to race on and the snow is next to non-existent. The ice at Lac La Biche was plenty thick, but the lake was wind swept and made organizers re-think how to CREATE snow banks. With the help of a ski-hill technology, a snow-making scraper device was used to dredge up enough snow from the ice surface to mould the track. Now THAT’S dedication to racing!


Saturday saw a race school in the morning and a full slate of races in the afternoon. The 1.2 km track had extra grip for the rubber classes as the scraped ice surface was roughened up significantly more than it would have been with only studded tires. Rumor has it that it was the “rough ice” that shook the hood pins out of car 22 and resulted in the hood to wrap itself over the windshield and temporarily blind Driver 22. Curiously, his lap times suddenly went down by 4 seconds a lap. Clearly, Team 22 has its priorities mixed up, as Co-owner, Sax, was tanning in Mexico instead of installing hood pins in Lac La Biche. Car 54, badly in need of an alignment, shuddered over the bumps on the front straight-away and accidentally redesigned the sporty new red fenders of Car 76.  On a historical note, Car 78 made Chevette history by missing its first race since 1997. 


The Chevette class started where it left off last season as “Can’t Drive 55” powered (fumed) his way to the top, taking 2nd, 2nd and 2nd on Saturday. Car 55 is sporting a new Yellow paint job, new fenders, doors, ¼ panels but the same seasoned, wily enthusiast behind the steering wheel. However, Mechanic 55 seems to have forgotten to re-install the rubber seals around the doors. After each race Driver 55 looked more like a test pilot for Ski-Doo. Unfortunately, the door gaps are reportedly far tighter than the pistons from this slightly worn 1.6 liter powerplant in Car 55.


Not unexpected, a certain Rent-A-Driver showed up at the last second to enter a car. Turns out that Car 24 and Dynamotive Guru, Mark Stevens, unable to make this event, offered a renewed (and more lucrative) contract to SAKALUK to position his car up the standings for the season finale March 5 and 6. Car 24, under the veteran guidance of SAKALUK, then won 4 of the 6 weekend races.  Car 36 won a race from pole on Saturday, while Car 81 claimed the other win (from 4th) in a last corner pass Sunday on rookie sensation, Car 43.


The rookies were in full flight Sunday, as Car 37, 43 and 76 all drove competitively. Car 43 almost drove from pole position to checkered flag in Race #2 if it weren’t for the persistent hounding of Car 81 into the final corner. Car 43 went a little too deep into the final corner and gave way to Car 81 about 100 meters from the checkered flag after leading every single lap. That’s what happens when you look in your mirrors…  Car 37, after claiming to “take it easy” because he was driving the car home later, went door to door and bumper to bumper at 6000 RPM and full counter-steer never losing control, confirming that he is a force to be reckoned with.  Car 76, sporting the RED look and a retro grille and hood combo, drove clean and fast as well.


Overall, damage was minimized to 1 door and 1 bumper (the bumper won). The next races are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday March 5th and 6th at Lac La Biche. This is the Western Canadian Championship weekend and its shaping up to be a great shoot-out. AC/DC is rumored to play at the local lounge (again). Expect a NEW and LONGER track and about 15 Chevettes to show up.       /        COI.