Round 1 – Sunday Jan. 11th, 2004:

It’s a Rental Car Sweep as New Class Rep Takes Repeat Tour of Victory Lane



Terry Bressmer, the 2004 Race Chevette class representative was seen busily organizing as his hands were waving to the clerk and various notes were hanging off his clipboard. The 2004 Chevette racing season is about to start! He dropped the clipboard, picked up the new steering wheel of his rented T-car and quickly turned heads in the first race of the season. Some thanks to Car 55 for getting a Black Flag after grabbing the lead from a start at the back, giving sure victory to Bressmer, who was then in a solid second place. Not even Car 24 could steal away the spotlight from Bressmer. Car 24 rolled on Lap 2 hitting the bank hard between Corners 1 and 2, however, the low center of gravity on the Rainbow Warrior ensured he would land on his wheels and, to avoid a Red flag, Car 24 quickly continued the race, losing only 1 position. The Bressmer camp was aglow as Terry took his first ever checkered flag. His team car (#54) is still in 1000 pieces in the team garage. Luckily, a low budget rental Chevette was available for Bressmer on that sunny afternoon. It is unusual that the Ice Racing season start on schedule as the weather has delayed the start of the season for 6 years running. Bressmer had counted on at least a 1 week delay in the season and scrambled to find a ride, having only 20 minutes of seat time in the rental car before Race #1.


Race #2 saw Kevin SAKALUK thread the needle from the back of the F-1 style stationary start, hold off a slightly rippled Car 24 and take victory lane. Sack-of-luck, as he is known, was also driving a rental car, the infamous Car 55 belonging to the “Can’t Drive 55” Team. The Car owner, McKernan, had recent knee surgery and is unable to race until possibly late in the season.


Race #3 once again saw the rent-a-drive theme take another bow in the winners circle. Yes, it was the Bressmer camp again! After a carefully orchestrated sand-bag race #2, Bressmer found himself starting 2nd on pole for Race #3. Bressmer Team Boss “Judy” radioed in to Terry during race #2 so as to maintain their tactical start in Race #3, thanks to the fully inverted start. After taking the checkered in Race #3, the Bressmer camp rejoiced once again. Rumor has it that Bressmer is going to delay work on his team car so as to maintain the rental deal (Car 79) indefinitely.


In Rubber, there is a new starting sequence for the Chevettes. Given the mix of driving styles associated with FWD and RWD cars, it was proposed that the Chevettes give the FWD class a ¼ lap head start and a second GREEN flag would start the Chevette class within the open Rubber class. There is no inversion in this set-up. Car 55 won all 3 races in this manner. There was NO contact in this new set-up. Several Chevettes passed several of the FWD back markers.


The next race is scheduled for Sunday January 18th at Telford Lake as well. We expect 3 more Chevettes to show up for this one, including Car 10, Car 46 and Car 7.       /        COI.