Ladies and Gentlemen, “Start Your Engines”:

Edmonton Gets a 2005 Indy Champ Car Race




After much hype and media frenzy, the CHAMP car race is confirmed for July 17, 2005. Yes, Paul TRACY and 17 other driver’s will round the 3.15 kilometer long track at the City Centre Airport. Expect a crowd of about 60,000 to see Edmonton’s first CHAMP car race. Seating packages have been arranged as follows:


  • GOLD (rumored to be reserved for Chevette owners or other elite driver’s), $220  
  • SILVER (general public), $155
  • BRONZE (front-wheel drive owners), $90


Although the deal is signed for 3 years, expect a long-term deal to be hammered out after a successful first race in 2005.  NASCC members and race officials are expected to have the opportunity to work the event.  Given how the NASCC manages logistically smooth, and safe race events, this experience can only be a huge BONUS for the upcoming world-class Edmonton CHAMP car race. Perhaps the CHAMP car organizers or drivers would like to drop by one of our Ice Races held between Jan. 9 and March 6, 2005, for some speed “Canadian style”.  Our Ice Race drivers and series organizers would certainly welcome the opportunity to share our cars and our sport with some CHAMPS.    /    COI.