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 Last Update - Monday, April 16, 2007 

The 2007 Champion:  "Car 7" - Blaine BOUTIN

The 2007 Champion got his taste of car racing at an early age. Born in the Bronx, he used to steal cars as a youth, racing away from the owner to his Dad's farm. More seriously, Blaine, from northern Alberta, gave the drivers a clinic on clean and fast driving in 2007, driving the first ever full race season with podium finishes in every single race. Unlike most of the Chevette racers (me specifically), Blaine applies patience and skill in the proper proportion and makes few mistakes, taking only calculated risks. Blaine has been with Dynamotive Auto Service for 10 years now as an Automotive Service Technician, earning the role of shop foreman. Blaine also races in the summer at CASTROL RACEWAY, south of Edmonton, in Super Stock (Car 77) and in Street Stock as well (also Car 77). Congratulations on a near-perfect season.