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 Last Update - Monday, April 03, 2006 

The 2006 Champion:  "Car 54"

The ascent to the top was steady and progressive for Car 54, who entered the Ice Racing series 5 years ago. When Car 54 first entered the foray, he would make a bee line to the winner's circle after every race grilling the winning driver with a few pointed technical questions about car set-up and speed secrets. This year all those secrets paid huge dividends as Car 54 grabbed the championship lead after the first weekend and kept the pedal to the metal the entire season. Car 54 won 4 of the 6 race days and each of the 3 weekends. After a recent win, another driver was seen to make a bee line for Car 54 asking for any race tips and driver 54 calmly turned and gave credit to his pit crew and chief engineer, Judy, crediting his speed from the chocolate chip cookies (made with some secret ingredient)...   Now we know WHO is really the driving force of the team.