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Results are in!  See charts below.
If you are one of the people who voted to demonstrate the Black Rocket tires please email me with your contact information at and I will pass it on to Mike Elhard.  Once he has the order quantities final pricing can be determined.


Based on the results of the vote this rule change will take effect for the 2015/2016 Ice Racing season.  For this season (2014/2015) locked differentials will not be permitted in the spec Chevette class as documented in the current rules.

CH Chevette Class Rules & Regulations 

1.6 Rear Axle

Must be original equipment only. Ratios between 2.71:1 and 3.8:1.  The 4.11:1 ratio (rare) is not allowed.  Any traction improving modification is optional.  The differential may be locked by any of the following means: Locker, spool, shimming or welding the spider gears.

POSTPONED:  Due to the fact that no one had time to order Black Rocket tires we will hold this over for next year.

This year NASCC has decided to put the issue of manufactured studded tires to the test.  As there has been mixed feedback about the prior studded tire configurations, I would like to propose a new tire/stud combo that has a proven history.  The tire line for consideration is the Black Rocket studded rally tire.  I am personally very interested to see how this works out for us all, and would propose that we try a group purchase.  I know that, like myself, there are racers amongst us that would like to try studs but don’t have the time to invest in buffing and bolting race tires and I have heard it takes about 20 hours per tire.  For a set of six that would be a months’ worth of afternoons in the shop.  The Black Rocket tires address that concern but trade them for another, cost.  The tires are $260-$300 each (dependent on size).  For the 13” size we would be able to use on Chevettes, the cost should be in the middle of that range.  I have discussed with Mike Elhard the option to bring these tires in for any chevette racers interested in running these tires and he has graciously agreed to import them for us through his racing business. 
Here is how it will work:

Chevettes will be encouraged to run in THREE classes for the 2015/2016 season.
CH-C  Chevette Classic – This is the traditional CH class and the current spec tires (Hankook I-pikes) and rules are required.
CH-R  Chevette Rubber – This is the existing rubber to ice class Chevettes have also been running in.
CH-S  Chevette Stud – This is the new opportunity to run Black Rocket studded tires in the Race Stud Class.
The Chevette run groups will be scored separately in the CH-R and CH-S classes. We will award a trophy to the top finisher in these two classes.
CH-C will run seperatly as it always has.
BONUS (Additional races at no cost)
NASCC has agreed to waive the class fees for anyone racing in the Chevette-Stud class for the 2014/2015 season!   If you are interested in getting on the list for tires please vote at and email me at with your contact info so I can advise you on final price and delivery for the Black Rocket tires.

I hope this new racing experience will inspire a renewed interest in Chevette ice racing.  We know there are a few older race cars out there that have been put away due to dwindling car counts over the last few years.  This is the year to get back out there!  Here is some food for thought:

        You can run three classes and get seat time like never before!
         You and two of your buddies can share one car and each run a class!
         If you don’t like the spec tires or rule restrictions go rubber and run your blizzaks!
         If you don’t like the spec tires or rule restrictions go wild with the mods and run Black Rockets!
The idea here is to open things up to have some fun for the remainder of the of the Chevette ice racing era.  If you ever wanted to run a header, race cam, etc., you can now do that in two classes!  If we can get the existing race cars out there, we see more motivation for new racers to build cars for next season.  I know there are not many Chevettes on the market, but if someone is serious about building a new car email me and I can steer you to some opportunities.  I can also help out with cage kits to get you started.

P.S. If anyone has Chevettes, caged or not for sale, email me and I will post them in the website.

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